Born in Oxford, 1996

Currently based in South Wales

Trainee Art Psychotherapist


MA Art Psychotherapy - University of South Wales, 2020 - 2023

BA (Hons) Fine Art - 2:1, Bath Spa University, 2016 – 2019 

​Level 3 Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art and Design) - achieved Distinction, Cardiff Arts Academy, 2015-2016​


Selected Group Exhibitions:

'Cowbridge Open Art Exhibition', Cowbridge Old Hall Gallery and Bear Hotel, South Wales, August 2022

'The Dream of Longing', Online exhibition, February 2022 -

'Virtual Realities', Online exhibition, February 2021


'Terra, Spring Exhibition', Cardiff Made, May 2020 - 

'Green Space Art Collective', Bath Artists Studios, January 2020


'Exhibition 115', Oxo Tower, London, July 2019 - 


'Graduate Degree Show', Sion Hill Campus, Bath, June 2019

'Ocean Matters', Bristol Aquarium, May 2018 -

'Train Tracks', St James Wine Vaults, Bath, April 2018

‘Coast’, Sion Hill Gallery, Bath, February 2018

‘Mona Lisa Interpretations’, Walcot Chapel, Bath, February 2018

‘Exhibition 9.12.17’,  group exhibition, Bath Artist’s studios, December 2017

'Locker installations', Sion Hill campus, Bath, May 2017

'Walcot Chapel', Walcot Chapel, Bath, March 2017


Trainee Art Psychotherapist at Heronsbridge School, October 2021 - July 2022

Volunteering alongside the RUH resident artist, Co-leading craft sessions on the elderly wards,

Royal United Hospital in Bath, March 2017 - June 2019

Artist Assistant to Edwina Bridgeman, Going into schools to help them prepare for a performance in

Bath's Fringe Festival, Helping to put on a performance at the Egg Theatre, Bath, May 2018

Volunteering with Cardiff Charity 'The Five Cs', Caring for children from the Hospice and running activities
Belarusian Children’s Hospice Summer Camp, July 2014, June 2016, June - July 2017, July 2018

Volunteering at St Andrews Church School, Bath, Helping to run their ‘Stay and Play’ afternoon, encouraging the children to be creative in their play –building cardboard structures and drawing on large paper, October 2018


Student Fellow Researcher for Bath Spa University, Working alongside staff on a research project looking at the use of mobile technology within creative taught sessions and attending conferences to report the outcome, October 2017 to July 2018



"My practice is driven by an exploration of the application of paint within seascapes. Having grown up living by the Welsh coast, it has become a place of importance to me and I am particularly interested in the effects of nature, including the constantly changing tides and the impact of the weather and time on the landscape, as well as the human impact on the ocean.

The experimentation of texture and materials holds an integral place within my work, and I have been looking at how less conventional materials and tools can be used within painting to create the varying textures found in a seascape. The sea is often the focal point within my painting, and this is usually where most exploration of the application of paint takes place.

Ultimately, an investigation of paint and materials within Seascapes is vital to my practice, enabling me to portray my passion for the ocean and its ever-changing surroundings."